What do you see as the future of porn?
In a lot of ways narrative in porn is becoming sort of vestigial. It’s less and less common, which I think is really unfortunate. You know a lot of the companies are just shooting scenes now and live streaming them. They’re becoming less and less concerned with narrative and character and with humour and whatever other content that was ever in porn, especially when it used to be made on film. But beyond that, the new trend in porn is extremes, extreme porn, like extreme sports. Like having 50 guys cum in a woman’s face in five minutes or a gangbang with 200 guys each wearing a number around their neck. Where else can you go with porn I mean? I worked with a lot of porn guys on L.A. Zombie, it’s co-produced by two porn companies, and one of the guys was saying, “There’s been enough porn already shot in the world to last for the next 100,000 years.” But the point is, where does it go after what you’ve already seen? So that’s where they’re trying to go, to take it to another level of extremes. The other thing is, I think that because torture porn and these extremely violent movies do operate a lot like porn films, I think that that seems like a merger that may happen between the horror genre and the porn genre. They are kind of already on the same trajectory on a certain level. And of course, I’ve always said half jokingly that zombie porn will be more popular because there’s just so many more orifices that you can create in a rotting corpse.

(Bruce laBruce)

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